About Our Products

Over a decade of study and expertise goes into the creation of our products, from developing the recipe to recommending dosing. Creating a high-quality, effective tincture also requires skill and knowledge about extraction techniques, ingredients, and timing, all of which has been dialed in to a science in each of our products.

Some herbalist or those who make tinctures and teas to sell will just throw things together and claim that it works. However, there is much more that goes into tincture making than just filling up a jar with herbs and alcohol.

Many large companies that sell in supplement departments of box retail stores cut corners, don’t use the highest quality ingredients, or don’t use the best practices to make their products. We’ve had customers tell us that they got some relief using herbal products from the grocery store, but when they switched to ours, they got complete relief or healing from their ailment.

You can be sure that our products are made properly and are the highest quality available anywhere.

An effective tincture has a few important qualities:

  • The proper extraction liquid (called a menstrum) is used. This can be alcohol, water, glycerine, or vinegar. The best combination varies with each herb.
  • The correct alcohol proof was used for a particular herb or mushroom. Too high of an alcohol content can damage some herbs while too low can result in a poor extraction.
  • The ingredients are high quality. We use high-proof grain alcohol from glass bottles, filtered water, and organic or sustainably wild-harvested plants and mushrooms.
  • The proper balance of herb to menstrum is used.
  • The mixture is allowed to sit for the proper time for the best extraction.
  • The alcohol content is high enough in the final product for safe long-term preservation.

You can be sure that each of our tinctures checks all these boxes.

We source all of our mushrooms from small American farms that use sustainable and natural growing and foraging practices.

We source all of our herbs from a shop that works with small farms around the world to produce the highest quality organic and wild-harvested herbs and plants. Many plants grow best only in their native ecosystems and therefore get sourced from their own regions in the world.

Many farmers use chemicals to cultivate larger crops without dealing with insects or other typical gardening problems. These chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, stay on the plant matter and can be absorbed by the plant through the water in the soil. Sometimes, the use of these chemicals damages the integrity of the plant and the quality of the medicinal value.

By using only organic herbs, mushrooms, and other plants, we offer a pure, toxin-free product that will be most effective for you.

Some plants and mushrooms are not farmed or cultivated in a garden, but rather can only be found in the wild.

For example, chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees in the forest and must be foraged from their natural environment.

These ingredients are listed as wild-harvested on our products, as “organic” varieties don’t exist.

About Using Tinctures & Other herbals

You can add your tincture dose to a little bit of water, juice, coffee, or tea (basically, your drink of choice) to dilute any strong alcohol or herbal flavors. Many of our customers enjoy their tinctures in their morning coffee.

The normal adult dosage of most tinctures is 30-60 drops (1-2 mL) diluted in a little water 3-5x per day.

However, this can be affected by other factors. Small individuals with high metabolic rate require smaller doses (for example, 1 mL rather than 2 mL). Larger individuals with low metabolism require higher doses (2 mL taken 5 times per day rather than 3 times). Larger adults may fare better on the higher end of the dosing suggestions, where smaller adults may find the lower end dosing suggestions sufficient.

Please note that some tinctures are designed for short-term use at higher dosage to treat a particular ailment or get a particular effect. The modifications for these tinctures will be listed in the directions. Many of our cleanse and detox tinctures fall into this category.

Whereas, other tinctures can be taken in higher dosage over long term with generally no negative side effects. Our mushroom tinctures are one example where this would apply.

Small amounts of tincture at a higher frequency is more effective than infrequent large amounts, so consistency in use is important.

Most tinctures can be used 1-5x per day. Increase your dosage in this range until effective as needed.

Some tinctures are safe for daily use. Some require longer term use (one month or more) in order to get benefits. Others should be used short term with a break of several weeks or months in between periods of use.

Follow the directions with each tincture to understand dosage.

Many herbs are not safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Use a high level of discretion when deciding when supplements to add to your routine during these times.

In general, our mushroom tinctures are used safely and effectively by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our NORA tea is also designed for use during pregnancy. We are also designing additional products specifically to support women during these phases.

To use an alcohol-based tincture while pregnant, dilute the dose into a larger quantity of water, such as 16 oz, and sip over a couple of hours. This extra dilution of alcohol is important for safety during pregnancy.

Most of our tinctures are 30-50% alcohol by volume. Our mushroom tinctures are 30% alcohol by volume which means that one dose of 30 drops contains only 10 drops total of alcohol. Properly diluted, this should not case harm during pregnancy, but use your intuition and err on the side of caution if unsure or uncomfortable.

Many herbs are not safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so please ensure that your tincture is safe to use.

Many herbs can be too intense for young children and should not be used. At safe dosages, mushrooms and some other herbal tinctures may be safe for children. Use your intuition when providing supplements to your child.

The guidelines for dosing tinctures for children are as follows:

  • For children old enough to drink water, milk, or juice up to 3 years: Give 2-5 drops well-diluted in a drink 3-5x daily.
  • For children 4-10 years old: Give 5-15 drops well-diluted in water or juice 3-5x daily.
  • Teenagers may be given adult dosage of tinctures. Use discretion for exact dosage based on your child’s age and weight. A safe approach is to opt for the lower end of the dosage spectrum and increase the dosage to an effective level as needed.

If you are taking any medications, talk to your doctor before using any herbal products. Many herbs interact with pharmaceutical products and can cause harm if taken together.

Glycerine is a common alternative to alcohol for tincture making for those who need an alcohol-free version for whatever reason. However, many herbs that extract well in alcohol, don’t necessarily extract well into glycerine and vice versa.

We only want to provide highly effective products, and therefore choose the most effective medium for extracting each herb, plant, or mushroom. Therefore, we don’t make a blanket offering of alcohol- or glycerine-based tinctures for each product.

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Once your order is prepared for shipment, you will receive an email with your tracking information.

We charge a flat rate of $6 for standard USPS 3-day Ground Advantage on all orders.

Due to the nature of the items sold, no refunds are available.

If an item arrives in unsatisfactory condition, please contact us so we can assist you: lunaterraapothecary@gmail.com

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About LunaTerra

Tim is an athlete, pianist, engineer, and health nut. Over a decade ago he was diagnosed with an “incurable illness” that nearly killed him and kept him from pursuing a career in the military. After four years of doctors and experimental medicine with risky side-effects, he decided that these things weren’t working for him. A wake up call after a bad experience with the medication in 2017 triggered him to chose a holistic approach to health and life instead. Since then, he has been off the medication and has shown no signs of the autoimmune disease that doctors told him was incurable. In a previous career, he worked several years as an mechanical engineer for a firm in Orlando. Now he devotes his time to his family, pets, music, LunaTerra, and philanthropic projects.

Kate is an herbalist, gardener, and homemaker. In a previous career, she earned a Masters in Physics and Materials Science and worked as an engineer. She left the corporate world to study Ayurveda, nutrition, and herbalism, and became a certified yoga instructor. She holds the values of natural living, environmental care, and living outside of the “System” near and dear. She prefers to spend her days cooking from scratch or fermenting something in the kitchen, sewing and knitting her family’s clothes, gardening barefoot in the dirt, and getting in a good sweat at the gym. You can usually find her relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a fantasy novel, with baby on board.

They live in central Florida with their child and 5 cats.

LunaTerra was inspired by the idea that we are connected to all that is, above and below.

Luna — meaning moon — represents the cosmic forces that influences our watery tides from above.

Terra — meaning earth — represents the grounding force that influences our electrical bodies from beneath our feet.

Our products and values embrace that connection to nature and our physical-spiritual duality as earthly beings.

The idea for LunaTerra was first incepted in 2020 and took on various form in concept over the years until becoming a fully matured and launched shop in October 2023.

In the summer of 2023, Kate made a large batch of mushroom tinctures for her own family and to package as Christmas gifts. The idea to create more products and launch LunaTerra Apothecary grew from there.

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